Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Because of their precision, flexibility and also mobility, sliding Compound Miter Saws (SCMS) have actually been popular with service providers for years. These very same high qualities make the SCMS appealing to a growing variety of residence woodworkers faced with diminishing store spaces that make other sorts of saws hard to make use of.

In recent times, SCMS design has advanced, bringing lots of updated features as well as higher degrees of accuracy. The brand-new Bosch 4410 SCMS, a brand-new version of their age-old 12" Version 4412, is the most up to date enhancement to their line of quality tools, and one that need to be on your look-see list if a SCMS is in your future.

Unpacking as well as Configuration

The Bosch 4410 SCMS can be found in a rather large box, largely since it comes totally set up except for the dirt bag, chute and also no-tools clamp. The saw is enclosed in form-fitting increased grain shells that guarantee it comes to your shop in ideal condition.

The steps necessary to launch the saw from its shipping configuration as well as inspect the configuration are clarified in the user's manual, which need to be read prior to going any even more. I complied with the configuration actions carefully as well as discovered my Bosch 4410 SCMS had actually been adjusted perfectly at the factory, but it deserves your time to examine as well as become knowledgeable about this treatment.

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Instruction Manual

Tech-line experts will certainly tell you that the majority of the issues they come across are directly attributable to users not checking out or complying with the guidelines supplied. When it comes to the Bosch 4410 SCMS, the manual is well done and also consists of a lot of great information that will aid use this tool appropriately and safely.

Besides clear descriptions of the numerous functions and controls, the guidebook provides easy-to-understand directions on how to make much of the more typical cuts. There are also graphes listing the needed angles and supply placements for cutting crown molding. You will intend to maintain this handbook handy as recommendation product.

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Fit as well as Finish

The top quality of the spreading, machining and also components fit on the Bosch 4410 SCMS wases initially price, as is regular of Bosch. Their manufacturing capacities as well as techniques constantly create tools that work very well, and continuously work at that level for years.


Bosch has a practice of consisting of top quality devices needed for changing as well as maintaining their tools. Those supplied with the Bosch 4410 SCMS follow that practice.

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A socket wrench with a relatively easy to fix #2 Phillips screwdriver/4mm hex tip on the various other end is safeguarded in a rubber sleeve in the back of the fencing. A pair of hex wrenches (1.5 & 3mm) and also a 10mm/17mm combination open-end wrench (built, not stamped) are protected to the inside of the rear cover that needs no tools to remove. The inside of the cover is also classified with the usages for those tools!

Power as well as The Brake

The 15-amp motor (4800 rpm) is stout by any kind of measure, supplying the 10" blade with lots of power for all your cutting requirements. In spite of the quantity of power generated, the electric motor is smooth as well as does not lurch on start up.

Power from the electric motor is delivered to the blade with a serpentine-style belt that flights in polished, multi-ribbed wheels. Serpentine belt drives prevail in high-performance race automobiles since they are exceptionally secure, transfer power efficiently as well as resist being thrown off of the pulleys.

Must the belt should be replaced (not a frequent event with this design belt), getting rid of 4 screws releases the cover and reveals the belt for very easy substitute. When the trigger switch is launched, a digital brake constructed right into the motor stops the blade as well as involves in regarding five secs.... Link Here:- http://www.lbmjournal.com/dewalt-unveils-flexvolt-battery-system/

Other than the apparent security problems, the brake aids quit the blade quickly prior to raising it from the ended up cut (as you should constantly do) to lower the chance of the blade tossing out or damaging the cutoff item.